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WickedWaterCooler.com Rules, Terms of Use and Announcements Terms of Use, rules on posting, prohibited content & Announcements.

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Default WickedWaterCooler.com Forum Rules and Terms of Service Agreement

WickedWaterCooler.com General Forum rules

Welcome to the WickedWaterCooler.com general discussion board, a forum and community discussion board dedicated to off topic subjects as an addition and/or alternative to forums where off topic forums are not provided or too heavily moderated. An online forum with an edge where most, if not all topics are permitted and welcomed.

We encourage discussions about almost everything under the sun, from music, movies, sports, business, politics, world trade, religion, world affairs, fine food, photography, cars, cooking, the price of oil, wine, beer, cigars, food, books and fine writing instruments, etc... Since this is a family friendly forum, no nudity & please limit your use of profane language. We certainly do not welcome out of context blog like entries about the daily affairs of your personal life, please start your own blog for these types of entries.

The beauty of Internet fora like this is that we can each pick and choose what we choose to read and which posts and threads we choose to participate in. There is no topic that will have universal appeal among all participants. As in all communities, there is room for disagreement and debate, contentiousness and rude behavior will not be tolerated. Rude behavior on the forum or to your forum mates just doesn't belong here. Healthy discussion about anything should remain civil and not get down to just unending arguing, bickering, belittling and/or mud slinging.

WickedWaterCooler.com serves a wide demographic, we want everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed as such members are expected to use courtesy in their exchanges on the forum and observe the golden rule - treat others as you would want others to treat you. We invite you to join our conversations and have fun!

By participating on the WickedWaterCooler.com general discussion board,

1. participant grants WickedWaterCooler.com and its owners a fee free copyright, in perpetuity, to host any and all comments made in posts and discussions on WickedWaterCooler.com If you have any reservations about this whatsoever, PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE on WickedWaterCooler.com forums.
2. participant explicitly acknowledges and agrees to abide by WickedWaterCooler.com Terms of Use.
3. participant explicitly acknowledges and agrees that the opinions and positions presented in posts by individuals are the personal opinions and positions of the individual person posting those opinions and positions, and may not be reflective of the position of WickedWaterCooler.com owner(s), management, other forum members and participants nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin).
4. participant explicitly acknowledges and agrees that all outside disputes are to be kept outside WickedWaterCooler.com

Please e-mail your comments, complaints, suggestions and/or questions at: wickedwatercooler@gmail.com complaints about other participants should be kept private and off the boards.

WickedWaterCooler.com Terms of Use


1. By using WickedWaterCooler.com's service or by creating or owning a WickedWaterCooler.com login, threads, topics and replies, essentially by posting content, you are entering into a contract with WickedWaterCooler.com per the following Terms of Use and forum rules. Failure to comply will result in account termination and other consequences as described in this Terms of Use.

Users must be 13 or older to sign up for a WickedWaterCooler.com log in, visit any WickedWaterCooler.com boards or any other WickedWaterCooler.com-related site.


2. Users create a WickedWaterCooler.com account by registering, which includes designating a login name and password. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under that login name and password. Users agree to immediately notify WickedWaterCooler.com of any unauthorized use of their passwords or accounts, or any other breach of security. WickedWaterCooler.com is not liable for any loss or damage arising from users' failure to comply with this section.


3. WickedWaterCooler.com disclaims all warranties or representations, express or implied, oral or written, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement. WickedWaterCooler.com does not guarantee that its services are error-free, that they will operate without interruption, or that they will be continued ad infinitum. WickedWaterCooler.com does not guarantee that content will not be lost, deleted, or damaged. Also each party to this Terms of Use acknowledges that it has not relied upon any warranty, condition, guarantee or representation made by the other except as specifically set forth in this Terms of Use.


4. WickedWaterCooler.com is an Internet Forum Discussion Board that enables its users to create and/or publish content in the form of posts, messages, links, emails, private messages, user groups, polls, blogs and shared images. WickedWaterCooler.com does not pre-screen posted content or the forums and resources. Users should not rely on the authenticity or accuracy of the content posted, and WickedWaterCooler.com does not endorse the content, nor does it make any claim as to the reliability, accuracy, or legitimacy of the content that passes through or is stored on its system.

WickedWaterCooler.com users who create posts or who set up a WickedWaterCooler.com login ID bear any and all risk of reliance on the accuracy, validity or legitimacy of content they post, read or permit to be posted. WickedWaterCooler.com is not responsible for any problems that may occur from reading or using content posted on WickedWaterCooler.com, as they are the exclusive responsibility of one party: the individual person who posted the content.

WickedWaterCooler.com users may be held legally accountable for material they post or create and permit to be posted that violates copyright, trademark, patent, or trade secret law. WickedWaterCooler.com users are also responsible for ensuring that their content complies with WickedWaterCooler.com's Terms of Use, applicable local, state, provincial, national or international copyrights law.


6. Users, participants and co-owners of WickedWaterCooler.com agree to indemnify and hold WickedWaterCooler.com and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and employees harmless from any demand made by anyone due to the content they post, read or permit to be posted on WickedWaterCooler.com, regardless of whether that content violates WickedWaterCooler.com's Terms of Use.


7. It is WickedWaterCooler.com's function to operate as an Internet Forum, facilitating the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and information. However, WickedWaterCooler.com prohibits content or links to content or WickedWaterCooler.com Resources that contain(s):

a.) Nudity, sex, pornography, and/or excessive profanity.
b.) Adult services. WickedWaterCooler.com may not be used to promote, store, or display information or data pertaining to or about escort services or paid companionship services of any sort.
c.) Material that violates or solicits the violation of any applicable local, state, provincial, national or international law.
d.) Viruses, hacking or other harmful computer software programs.
e.) Unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted material(s).
f.) Warez boards, CD-keys, and serial numbers.
g.) Mail fraud and pyramid schemes.
h.) Hatred and racism of any kind.
i.) Violence.
j.) Illegal gambling.
k.) Any other material that may be deemed by WickedWaterCooler.com to be libelous or offensive to another individual or organization. In most instances, however, WickedWaterCooler.com will require more than an unverified email or Support Forum post to substantiate such an allegation.
l.) Information that infringes upon privacy rights, such as specific addresses, phone numbers, full name, Social Security numbers, or credit card numbers.
m.) Any content that is in violation of the terms provided by WickedWaterCooler.com's own Internet Service Provider and hosting service.

WickedWaterCooler.com reserves the right to remove any such content or Resource from WickedWaterCooler.com services at any time and at its sole discretion. It also within WickedWaterCooler.com's sole discretion to revoke a user's login/account for violation of the Prohibited Content guidelines or for no reason at all.


8. WickedWaterCooler.com may not be the source, intermediary or destination address involved in the transmission of spam, flames or mail bombs. WickedWaterCooler.com Resources may not be referenced in or linked to any unsolicited commercial messages distributed via e-mail, newsgroups or facsimile. Violation of this policy will result in immediate account termination without further warning, barring the offender from future use of the service. WickedWaterCooler.com will also report the violation to the email providers and other Internet Service Providers known or believed to be used by the offender.


9. WickedWaterCooler.com has the right to access any area of WickedWaterCooler.com and may edit, delete, or restrict access to any posted content or Resource at its sole discretion, but also to enforce its Terms of Use. WickedWaterCooler.com is not required to explain why any login or Resource was edited, restricted, or deleted.


10. WickedWaterCooler.com may disclose any post or Resource to: 1) fulfill what is required by law or is needed to comply with legal processes; 2) to prove a violation to its Terms of Use; or 3) to protect the rights (including copyrights), property, or personal safety of anyone.

Any content posted on WickedWaterCooler.com may be published by WickedWaterCooler.com. Users grant WickedWaterCooler.com the right to publish and store the content and use it for promotional purposes, such as advertising, public relations, etc.

When posting, the poster gives up their right of rescission. The forum owners can give that right back at their discretion. The poster further gives the right to have the post visible on the site to the forum owners (and therefore, indirectly, to WickedWaterCooler.com).

Unless otherwise stated above, the copyrights of the post belongs to the poster, and it is their responsibility for what they say. It is the responsibility of WickedWaterCooler.com to moderate posts on the forums.


11. Users who post false, misleading, or obscene material on a WickedWaterCooler.com forum for the purpose of driving users to their own forum will be subject to the immediate termination of their own WickedWaterCooler.com Resources and login name. They are also subject to prosecution under applicable laws, and should be aware that WickedWaterCooler.com may cooperate with any criminal or civil action that is instigated as result.


12. Members of WickedWaterCooler.com resources must have logged into WickedWaterCooler.com within the preceding six months to remain in good standing. Members who have not logged in within the preceding six months will be deemed to have abandoned those Resources.

With regard to other WickedWaterCooler.com resources and the WickedWaterCooler.com login name itself, it is within WickedWaterCooler.com's sole discretion to terminate when the owner of those assets has not logged in within the previous six months, and the login name can once again be selected by another WickedWaterCooler.com user 1 year after termination of the user name.


13. With respect all users and members, WickedWaterCooler.com users may not place any advertising on their Resources. This includes but is not limited to: content-targeted ads, text-based ads, and pop-ups ads, including those that install spyware.


14. WickedWaterCooler.com reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time by amending the provisions on the Terms of Use page of this site. All amendments shall be effective immediately after they are initially posted. A user's continued use of WickedWaterCooler.com following the modifications constitutes binding acceptance of those modifications.


15. The Terms of Use constitutes the entire agreement between WickedWaterCooler.com users and WickedWaterCooler.com and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings between you and WickedWaterCooler.com. In the event that a portion of this agreement is held unenforceable, the unenforceable portion will be construed in accordance with applicable law as nearly as possible to reflect the original intentions of the parties as an agreement between a users and an Internet Service Provider, and the remainder of the of the provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

The Terms of Use may only be amended or modified for any individual or group of users in a written agreement signed by an officer of WickedWaterCooler.com that specifically states it takes precedence over the Terms of Use.


16. Users should report any violations of WickedWaterCooler.com's Terms of Use to wickedwatercooler@gmail.com. If the violation pertains to a specific post, it is helpful the for the user to provide a link to that post with a brief description as to why it violates the Terms of Use.

In order to join WickedWaterCooler.com, you first need to register and create a login ID, once registered your posting permissions will be enabled as a junior member. The posting permission will only be activated once your registration is verified with a valid phone number & e-mail until verified your posting permissions will not be activated & you will not be able to post.

By registering to participate on the WickedWaterCooler.com discussion board you explicitly agree with the following forum rules & terms of use:

Wicked Water Cooler General Registration Rules

Before being approved as a Wicked Water Cooler Member and being able to post un-moderated, meaning that your posts appear on the board without approval by a moderator. A trial period is required for us to get to know you as a Junior Wicked Water Cooler Member during which period your posts will be moderated and will require approval by the moderators and/or forum owners before appearing on the discussion board. There is no set time for this trial period as it varies from person to person. We just want everyone who lurk and participate on WickedWaterCooler.com to have a trouble free and enjoyable time.

In order to get your junior membership application approved for WickedWaterCooler.com a verifiable e-mail address and phone number must be supplied. Once your registration has been completed please send your phone number by e-mail at wickedwatercooler@gmail.com and the best time to reach you. Registrations and post made by Junior Wicked Water Cooler Member from or by a proxy server or browser risk not being approved, this is left at the sole discretion of the forum owners and moderators.

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